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Prioritizing Gender Equality in the Tech Sector

The information technology sector is on track to be worth $5.2 trillion by the end of 2020, driving the creation of a new economy where jobs are created through, or as a result of, digital innovation. However, across the globe women only represent a fraction of those employed in the tech industry. Economically speaking, if the world’s regions matched the best performing countries in terms of gender parity, an additional $12 trillion of annual GDP would be realized by 2025. The question for us as employers is how might we play our role in promoting diversity and inclusivity throughout the whole employee experience, from the recruitment process to the day-to-day and beyond. This is precisely the goal of the Pow'Her In Tech initiative, led by INCO.ORG and supported by the Chanel Foundation : empowering women to join and thrive in tech sectors internationally.

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Pow'Her In Tech is a global initiative led by Inco Group and supported by the Fondation Chanel
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